Ajmer- Top 10 Places To Explore in The City!

The city of Ajmer is one of the most famous and oldest cities in India because of it being an Islamic pilgrimage site, the shrine of Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti. It is also known as the gateway to Pushkar. It is located at the center of Rajasthan and is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains and the name of the city is derived from the word “Ajayameru”, which translates to “Invincible Mountains”. The city has various major attractions spread across the landscape.

1. Dargah Sharif


Ajmer Sharif Dargah
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About– This place is the majestic tomb of the Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti and is considered as one of the most important pilgrimage site, not only for devotees of the Islamic religions but for people of all believes and faiths. The story of this magnificent saint started when he came from Persia and devoted his life to help and feed the poor. It is said that he was respected by Emperor Akbar when he blessed Akbar with an heir to the throne. It is believed that if you wish or pray at Dargah Shariff with a pure heart it will surely be fulfilled.

Location– It is located at the foothill in Ajmer. The location is accessible by road via various ways of road transport.
Timings– Open all days of the week 5AM to 7PM.

2. Ana Sagar Lake


Ana Sagar
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About– It is an artificial lake constructed between 1135-1150 AD by Maharaja Anaji. Even though this place was built by a royal who as the ancestor of Late Maharaja Prithviraj Chauhan, later on some modifications were done by the Mughals when they took over. During the summer seasons the lake dries out but during the time when it is not, it becomes a wonderful outing spot for families especially. There are several other attractions that surround the lake but the most prominent ones are Baradari and the island located at the center of the lake. Visitor can hire boats or water scooters to reach the island.

Location– It is  located in the heart of the city and can be accessed by Local transport and by walk.
Timings– Open 24 hours

3. Akbar’s Palace Museum


Ajmer Museum
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About- This is one of the hubs in Ajmer for history and archeology lovers. The museum is adorned with excavated artifacts, sculptures and other items which are dated back to 8th century. This museum was established in 1949 and was initially situated in Jaipur. The museum also contains inscriptions from earlier civilizations and the main attraction of this place are the two ‘Yupa Pillars’ which are considered to be sacrificial pillars. Visiting this place is a must if you want to dive back into the past.

Location– The museum is located inside Akbar fort and is accessible by local transport once you’re in the city. The entry fee starts from as low as 25 INR
Timings– From 10 AM to 4:45 PM

4. Durga Bagh Gardens


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About- How about a peaceful morning walk? Then Durga bagh gardens is the right place. The place is nested with naturally grown trees with the mesmerizing view of the ana sagar lake and the beautiful and captivating Baradari marble pavilions will leave you in awe. The garden was constructed under the reign of Shiv Dan in 1868 and dates back to the Mughal Era.

Location- Near Ana sagar lake and is accessible by local transport.
Timings- From 9 AM to 6 PM throughout the week

5. Foy Sagar Lake


Foy Sagar Lake
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About- What’s the most preferred place for the birdwatchers, photographers and the couples in Ajmer? Well Foy Sagar lake is the best destination for all the above. This another beautiful artificial lake in the list which was designed by an Englishman named Mr. Foy in order to tackle a famine. The lake offers a panoramic and picturesque view of the Aravalli mountains in the distance making it a perfect picnic spot for the tourists.

Location- Foy sagar garden road
Timings- Open 24 hours

6. Ajmer Government Museum


Ajmer Government Museum
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About- Another spot for the curious minds who want to travel back to the ancient times through the excavated items of the time of  the kings and Emperors. The museum is dedicated mostly to the artifacts, sculptures and paintings that belong to the Mughal era during the reign of Emperor Akbar. The museum is divided into multiple sections in accordance with various displays. The museum does have a children section to encourage the study of Indian history.

This museum was established in the year 1908 and the prestigious attraction is The Rahomi epigraph which dates back to 2nd century BCE.

Location- Naya Bazar, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001
Timings- From 12 PM to 8 PM but Closed on Mondays

7. Gateways of Taragarh Fort


Gateways of Taragarh Fort
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About- As we mentioned earlier that Rajasthan is the land of  the kings and we have not listed any castles or forts that are found in Ajmer, till now. The Taragarh fort is situated on a hilltop which makes it a hillfort. During the ancient days hillforts were considered to be the almost impenetrable form of strongholds. This fort was built in 12th century AD under the reign of the great Chauhan empire. The architecture of this fort is a mix of Indian and Mughal style.
The main attraction of the fort are the three gigantic gateways which are known as Lakshmi Pol, Phuta Darwaza and Gagudu ki Phatak respectively. Though the fort is in ruins it still gives you the glimpse of our great history.

Location- Nahar ka Chauhatta, Bundi, Rajasthan 323001
Timings- From 8 AM to 7 PM throughout the week.

8. Baradari


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About- Have ever thought of experiencing how the Mughals spent their peaceful evenings? Well then visiting Baradari is a must. This place was built under the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan in the early 17th century. This place is renown for the brilliant architecture, serene an6d alluring views of the Ana sagar lake and Daulat Bagh. The peaceful and quiet atmosphere makes it the best place to visit to calm your mind.
This monument is a collection of five pavilions made of marble and a royal bath also known as Hammam. The fourth pavilion is the largest of all and the design was inspired by Diwan-e-khass which is in Delhi.

Location- Ana Sagar lake. Accessible by local transport once you’re in thr city.
Timings- Open 24 hours

9. Nasiyan Jain Temple


Nasiyan Jain Temple
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About- Also known by another name Lal Mandir or ‘Red Temple’, this was constructed in 1865. The temple is devoted to Lord Adinath. The place is well known for its magnificent interiors made of gold, silver, stain and Belgian glass and much more. The temple has different sections, as it is a two storied building one part is dedicated to Lord Adinath’s temple while the other forms museum with a great hall built inside.

Location- Located at Prithvi Raj Marg and accessible by Taxi.
Timings- Daily 7 AM to 7PM.

10. Birla City Water Park


Birla City Water Park
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About- If you’re travelling from or out pf Ajmer city then visiting the Birla city water park is a must. This place offers the best and most happening day for all the people of all ages. The park has various water rides, multiple pools, rain dance, food outlets etc. It also caters the facility of rental swim suits and lockers as well as the Luxurious and cozy rooms of Birla city will give you the best accommodation experience ever. 

Location- Ajmer Bypass, near circle Makhupura, Makhupura Industrial area, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305002.
Timings- From 11:30 AM to 06:30 PM.

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