12 Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra

Home to some of the nation’s most iconic tourist spots, one can encounter a touch of everything in the territory of Maharashtra. Tons of places to visit in Maharashtra, this state is the second-most populous state in the peninsular region of India and attracts tourists from all spheres of the globe. The state offers all types of places ranging from adventurous places to natural scenic places. You will also come across various British establishments as well as religious places here. It is an ideal destination for investigating better places and spending your days off in Maharashtra will end up being phenomenal without a doubt! A convenient guide for your alluring excursion is an unquestionable requirement when you are visiting an unknown place. Here is an ideal guide for you that has all the insights concerning your vacay. From delicate sand beaches to lavish green mountains and cosmopolitan urban communities, these places to visit in Maharashtra mentioned in the guide are absolutely high on fun, experience, shocks, and great vibes. Here’s a complete list of places to visit in Maharashtra for a fulfilling trip.  Let’s have a look-

Places to visit in Maharashtra

1. Mumbai

Gateway Of India Maharashtra
Mumbai-Places to visit in Maharashtra

Mumbai, the city of dreams, the capital city of the Indian province of Maharashtra, is a fabulous Catch 22 of tumult and expectation, fabulousness and filthiness, innovation, and custom. Broadly known as the City of Dreams, Mumbai – in the past known as Bombay – Mumbai is a wonderfully mixed blend of societies and ways of life with tons of places to visit. The city absorbs everything into its texture, making it its own special. From forthcoming on-screen characters battling to become wildly successful in the cinema; from Bolly geniuses to huge industrialists to clans of angler and ghetto inhabitants, Mumbai is a city that gladly gloats of stories from various strolls of human endurance. One of the principal places in the nation of workmanship, culture, music, movie, and theater, Mumbai is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city that has been running for quite a long time exclusively on the unyielding soul of the Mumbaikars. Don’t forget the hot and spicy street food of Mumbai like the Vada Pav, panipuri, bhelpuri, and so on. You can’t miss Mumbai while looking for places to visit in Maharashtra.

Best Time To Visit- October To February
Places To Visit- The gateway of India, Juhu Beach, Colaba causeway, Haji Ali Dargah, Siddhivinayak Temple, Marine Drive, and many more
Things To Do- Boating, scuba diving, beach walk, nightlife, and many more
Nearest Airport: Mumbai Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Mumbai Central Railway Station

  • Gateway of India
  • Elephanta Caves
  • Marine Drive
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
  • Haji Ali Shrine
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya
  • Markets of Mumbai
  • Global Vipassana Pagoda
  • Siddhivinayak Temple
  • Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount
  • Beaches of Mumbai
  • Flora Fountain
  • Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum
  • Fort Bassein

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2. Malvan

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Another famous places to visit in Maharashtra is  Painting a delightful canvas for you with its shocking seashores, rambling backwater, and antiquated strongholds in the scenery, Malvan is without a doubt perhaps the best spot to visit in summer in Maharashtra. Eminent to be the most celebrated angling port in the state, Malvan is one of the spots to visit in March in Maharashtra to appreciate some protection, extraordinary dusks, and gutsy watersports.

Best Time To Visit- October To May
Places To Visit- Tarkarli Beach, Malvan Beach, Nivti Beach, Rock Garden, Devbagh Beach, Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan Marine Sanctuary, and many more
Things To Do- Boating, scuba diving, snorkeling in Tarkarli, dolphin safari, and many more
Nearest Airport: Dabolin Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Kudal Railway Station

3. Lonavala

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Visit one of the popular places to visit in Maharashtra. A hill station near Pune and Mumbai, Lonavla is the place to be during storms. With loads of waterfalls, lakes and hills around, Lonavala is frequented by a wide range of individuals, particularly climbers and trekkers. Lonavala, being a piece of the Sahyadri slopes, offers an appealing and beguiling experience of nature’s most talented area. Encircled by thick woodlands, cascades, and dams close by lakes, Lonavala is an unquestionable requirement to visit on the off chance that you respect nature and need an entryway to have a heartfelt end of the week or a decent excursion. Likewise, visit Khandala and Rajmachi while in transit to Lonavala. The tourist attraction has numerous attractions to its name, including Bhaja caverns, Bushi dam, Karla caverns, Rajmachi fortress, and Ryewood lake, among others.

Best Time To Visit- October To February
Places To Visit- Tiger’s Leap, Lonavala Lake, Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary, Koregad Fort, Amrutanjan Point, Bhaja Caves, and many more
Things To Do- Enjoy sightseeing and camping, trekking to Duke’s Nose, trekking to Koregad, trekking to Rajmachi and Kondane Caves, and many more
Nearest Airport: Pune Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Lonavala Railway Station

4. Rajmachi

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Rajmachi is a little town arranged in the Sahyadri mountain scope of the Konkan district of Maharashtra. Rajmachi has two braced pinnacles – Shrivardhan and Manaranjan fortifications, situated close to two acclaimed slopes of Lonavala and Khandala. At the base of the fort is the village Udhewadi which is another name for Rajmachi. Rajmachi has seen many differences in hands from Shivaji Maharaj, Emperor Aurangzeb, Shahu Maharaj, and in the end the British rule. The fort of Rajmachi is acclaimed among trekkers and adventure lovers. If you want to explore an undeniable trek, you can begin from the side of the Kondhane cavern which will take 3-4 hours of climbing, yet else you can drive right up to Udhewadi town (from the Lonavala side) and afterward trek for barely 20-30 minutes to the highest point of the fortress. The simple and obviously checked path on both ways makes Rajmachi a well-known apprentice’s trek.

Best Time To Visit- June To September
Things To Do- Trekking, sightseeing, photography, and many more
Nearest Airport: Pune Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Pune Railway Station

5. Khandala

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Located in the lower regions of Sahyadri, Khandala accommodates an ideal end-of-the-week reprieve for the Mumbai populace, with its beautiful valleys, verdant slopes, peaceful lakes and foggy cascades. It is surrounded by some of the best tourist places to visit in Maharashtra.  This is one of the most mainstream ends of the week’s escape for the individuals from nearby urban areas of Mumbai and Pune. The place deified by the well-known Bollywood tune, “Aati Kya Khandala”, is an absolute necessity to visit place for everybody searching for delightful nature, charming climate, and the sentiment of fog noticeable all around. The normal magnificence blossoms to its peak and uncovers a mystical appeal during the rainstorm. Its wandering waterfalls and sparkling lakes ascribe to the lofty look of an overwhelming feeling. The Duke’s Nose pinnacle and Karla slopes are the two famous spots for rock climbing. Apart from these, there are numerous caverns and lakes to be seen. An ideal spot to take a load off.

Best Time To Visit- October To May
Places To Visit- Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad Fort, Bedse Caves, Visapur Fort, Kune Waterfalls, Bushi Dam, Shooting Point, and many more
Things To Do- Trekking, Hiking, Caving, Rock Climbing, Sightseeing in Khandala, and many more
Nearest Airport- Pune Airport
Nearest Railway Station- Lonavala Railway Station

6. Mahabaleshwar

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One of the most beautiful places to visit in Maharashtra is a hill town in the Western Ghats, aside from its strawberries, Mahabaleshwar is additionally notable for its various streams, sublime falls and lofty pinnacles. Mahabaleshwar is a hill station situated in the Western Ghats, in the Satara region of Maharashtra. Known for its enrapturing magnificence and the delightful strawberry cultivates, the city contains old sanctuaries, live-in schools, manicured and lavish green thick backwoods, cascades, slopes, and valleys. The city is unquestionably among the most looked for after the end of the week escapes from Mumbai. Beguiling perspectives, luring valleys, quiet lakes, and a reviving enjoyment for your taste buds – the most ideal approach to sum up this nature’s blessing.

Best Time To Visit- March To June
Places To Visit- Mahabaleshwar Temple, Morarji Castle, Venna Lake, Pratapgad, Mapro Garden, Tapola, Lingamala Falls, Lodwick Point, Elephant’s Head Point, and many more
Things To Do- Watch the magical sunrise at Wilson Point, mountain biking at Mahabaleshwar hill station, boating from Tapola to Bamnoli Island, rock climbing, horse riding, trekking, and many more
Nearest Airport- Pune Airport
Nearest Railway Station- Pune Railway Station

  • Pratapgarh Fort
  • Pratap Garden
  • Afzal Khan Tomb
  • Old Mahabaleshwar
  • Bhawani Mandir

7. Amboli

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Amboli lies in the Sahyadri slopes in the Sindhudurg area of Maharashtra. It is the last hill station of Maharashtra before the fields of Goa start and is a moderately unexplored one. Amboli gets the most elevated rainfalls in Maharashtra and subsequently stays lovely all around the year. It attracts a lot of travelers from Goa and Belgaum.

Best Time To Visit- June To September
Places To Visit- Amboli Falls, Shirgaonkar Point, Madhavgad Fort, Nangarta Falls, Sunset Point and many more
Things To Do- Trek the Durg Dhakoba, rock climbing, bird-watching, camping, photography and many more
Nearest Airport- Dabolim Airport
Nearest Railway Station- Madure Railway Station

8. Khasid

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A Beach town, well known for its white sand and blue oceans arranged in the Konkan district of Maharashtra, Kashid is the ideal goal for a calm end of the week escape from Mumbai. A relieving and quiet spot in nature’s lap, Kashid is somewhat captivating with its peaceful condition and beautiful area. This beach town is known additionally for its glorious mountains and murmuring Casuarinas. A magnificent spot for those looking for a peaceful domain, Kashid is has a quiet shore that stretches to a huge degree and presents with an enchanted appearance. Kashid’s flawless water and clean beaches make it one of the most excellent spots in the nearby territories. A drive through the region in itself is an extraordinary encounter. Chaul, which lies close to Kashid, has numerous Buddhists give in that are of open intrigue, and furthermore celebrated places of worship and sanctuaries. The Korlai Fort is another delightful fascination here.

Best Time To Visit- March To June
Places To Visit-  Kashid Beach, Murud Janjira Fort, Korlai Fort, Revdanda Beach & Fort, and Phansad Bird Sanctuary and many more
Things To Do- Camping at Kashid beach, trek to Phansad, scuba diving near Murud Janjira, banana boat rides and many more
Nearest Airport: Chattrapati Shivaji International airport
Nearest Railway Station: Roha Railway Station

9. Nasik

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Nasik is a religious Hindu city, host to the Kumbh Mela at regular intervals. It also makes for an ideal wine sampling destination. Nashik (Nasik), named after a relic related to Ramayana, is a city in Maharashtra situated on the banks of waterway Godavari. Nashik plays host to the renowned Kumbh Mela at regular intervals. The city is home to a lot of outlandish sanctuaries and is referred to in Hindu folklore as where Ravana’s sister, Surpanakha, attempted to entice Lord Ram and got her nose cut off by Lakshman all the while. Its strict significance doesn’t end there. It additionally plays host to a great many vacationers visiting Shirdi and Trimbakeshwar. Aside from its sanctuaries, Nashik additionally has fortifications, cascades, and vineyards to pay special mind to. With various vineyards present in Nashik, the most well-known being Sula, the wine-the travel industry is mushrooming in this piece of Maharashtra. Nashik allows you to encounter a marvelous mixed drink of boundaries – from sanctuaries to vineyards, slopes to cascades, this spot offers a great deal to see.

Best Time To Visit- October To December and February and March
Places To Visit- Ramkund, York Winery, Soma Wine Village,  Chandon, Sita Gumpha, and Kala Rama Temple
Things To Do- Go on a wine tour at Sula Vineyards, temple visits, bathing in ghats, and many more
Nearest Airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Nasik Road railway station

  • Trimbakeshwar Temple
  • Pandavleni Caves
  • Panchvati
  • Muktidham Temple
  • Dugarwadi waterfall
  • Anjaneri Mountains
  • Saptashrungi
  • Kalaram Mandir
  • Kapaleshwar temple
  • Ram Kund

10. Matheran

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Settled in the midst of the Sahyadri extend on the Western Ghats, Matheran is a comfortable little slope station that remains at a height of 2600 feet above ocean level, and is only 100 kilometers from Mumbai, making it the ideal end-of-the-week escape. With its name truly meaning “overhead timberland”, Matheran is the littlest slope station in the entirety of India, however, it is very well known to tourists looking for a short outing in the midst of dynamite vistas and tranquility. Matheran is one of the not many places on the planet that don’t permit any vehicles whatsoever, so the second you step into this little town, you will be moved back to a pure old-world period of red-dirtied streets, car-free pathways, and rich green slopes all around. The virus breeze and the outside air without contamination are reason enough for vacationers to crowd to Matheran lasting through the year.

Similarly, as with some other slope stations, Matheran is well known for its perspectives. It has a sum of 36 perspectives from where you can appreciate appealing perspectives on the Sahyadri mountain run, the most well known of them being Echo Point, Alexander Louisa Point, Panorama Point and Porcupine Point. The vast majority of these focuses have simple trekking trails, and they offer clearing perspectives on the mountains, the dawn, dusk, and everything in the middle! Charlotte Lake, near Echo Point, is a well-known outing spot where nature devotees love to proceed to go for a walk-in.

Best Time To Visit- November to June
Places To Visit- Panorama Point, Echo Point, One Tree Hill Point, Charlotte Lake, Alexander Point, Prabal Fort, and Honeymoon Hill and many more
Things To Do- Trek through the Garbett Plateau, valley crossing from Honeymoon Point to Louisa Point, nature walking, and local shopping in Matheran, and many more
Nearest Airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Neral railway station

  • Echo Point
  • Louisa Point
  • Charlotte Lake
  • Alexander Point
  • One Tree Hill

11. Panchgani

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Getting its name from the five slopes encompassing it, Panchgani is a well-known hill station close to Mahabaleshwar, acclaimed for its different dusk/dawn focuses and grand valley see. Situated at a height of 1, 334 meters, Panchgani is a hill station in Maharashtra, known for its picturesque perspectives. Five hills structure the Sahyadri mountain ranges offer Panchgani its name. The pleasant scenery of hills on one side and waterfront fields on the different makes for an astonishing perspective. In the British time, the place was treated as a mid-year resort and subsequently, numerous pilgrim period foundations can be seen here. Mahabaleshwar resembles a twin city to Panchgani.

Best Time To Visit- September to May
Places To Visit- Table Land, Mapro Farms, Sydney Point, Lingmala Falls, Kate’s Point, Arthur Seat, Dhom Dam, Bhilar Waterfalls, Elephant’s Head Point and many more
Things To Do- Go sightseeing in Panchgani, hiking near the Rajpuri Caves, enjoy trekking and cycling, go shopping for handicrafts, and many more
Nearest Airport: Pune Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Jarandeshwar  Railway Station

12. Ratnagiri

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Situated in pretty environmental factors, Ratnagiri is honored with slopes, coastlines, streams, lovely waterways, heated water springs, backwoods, and waterfalls and offers a reviving encounter to explorers. Ratnagiri is an explorer blessing from heaven’s goal with its magnificent Sahyadri range and Arabian ocean with virginal white beach, falling cascades, boiling water springs palm forests, grand landmarks and the most acclaimed, Alphonso mangoes. Ratnagiri has a portion of the radiant posts worked during the Shivaji time frame. Ratnagiri is likewise acclaimed as the origin of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak who was 33% of the well-known trio of “Lal Bal Pal”. One of the diamonds in the Konkan locale, Ratnagiri is currently a major area involving a few touristy little towns and towns and it structures for a splendid end-of-the-week escape from the urban areas of Maharashtra including Mumbai.

Best Time To Visit- October to April
Places To Visit- Ratnagiri Fort, Bhatye Beach, Thibaw Palace, Bhagwati Mandir, Mandvi Beach, and many more
Things To Do- Explore the Ratnadurg Fort, visit Ratnagiri Marine Fish Museum, hike up to Kadelot Point, visit Basni Lake, photography, and many more
Nearest Airport:  Mumbai Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Bhoke Railway Station

  • Ganapatipule Beach
  • Marleshwar Temple
  • Guhagar Beach
  • Ratnagiri Lighthouse
  • Shri Devi Bhagwati Temple
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