Lucknow’s No.1 Delicious Food and Their Places

Lucknow is the large city in the northern India, and it is also the capital of Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as the “City of Nawabs”. Lucknow is the best place for foodies most specially if you are Non-veg lover. This places serves you best and delicious food with the touch of Nawab’s style. This city not only have famous and luxurious hotel or restaurants who serve best foods but they also have many famous and delicious street food which satisfies your food carving at any time. So, now lets have a look to some of the best places as well as dishes which you must try whenever you visit “The City of Nawabs”.

Famous Street Food of Lucknow

Katori Chaat

If you have visited to Lucknow and you have not tasted Katori Chaat, then, you have not taken a full enjoyment of your tour. Katori Chaat is one of the famous street food in Lucknow. This Chaat is made up of crispy katori which contains different kinds of spices and different varieties of chutneys with mashed potatoes. You can get this at any time and at everywhere to satisfy your food carving.

Best Place to Try:- Royal cafe-Gomti Nagar, Hazratganj

Malai Makhan

malai makhan

It is also a type of sweet dish which is very famous in Lucknow because of its amazing taste. It is mostly served during winter season. This sweet dish is also famous with the name of “Nimish” at some places. This dish is made with the help of milk which is topped with nuts and is garnishes with pista which gives a foamy texture.

Best Place to Try:- Chowk

Poori Kachori

famous food of lucknow

This is one of the famous street food which satisfy your carving as well full your stomach at any time at affordable price. This dish gives you an amazing and mouth watering taste. It is made by maida and filled with spicy masala. This fried and delicious dish is best for lunch or breakfast and also one of the known dish. I suggest you to try it once.

Best Place to Try:- Hazratganj

Gulabi Chai

gulabi chai

We all have heard about Chai but have you ever heard about “Gulabi Chai”? So, If you have traveled to Lucknow then you should try Gulabi Chai. It is one of the famous beverage in Lucknow. It is made up of saffron, elachi and kewra. It tastes like Indian Chai but if you have tried it then, you can’t able to forget the taste of it. You can try this with Imarti which add a value in your taste.

Best Place to Try:- Nakhas Market.

Dahi Badey

dahi badey

It is also kind of sweet dish. If you want some tasty or delicious sweet dish at an affordable price then Dahi Badey is the best option to satisfy your carving at any time and at everywhere. It is one of the famous street food. On this sweet dish “Meethi Chutney” is spread all over the dish and the badey are dipped in “Dahi and garnishes with Coriander leaf and spices which makes it more delicious.

Best Place to Try:- Gupta Ji near GPO.



It is sweet dish in Lucknow and it is also a traditional dish which is made up of Maida, milk, sugar and flavored with saffron and also baked with added spices. It is crunchy in flavor and look likes a roti. It is a dish which gives you mouth watering taste.

Best Place to Try:- Chowk



Kebab is the specialty of Lucknow. This city is incomplete without Kebabs. You can find Kebab everywhere in the city at any time. Kebab gives you amazing taste with crispy layers and with added spices. It is also known as the king of the street food in the city. It is of many varieties even you can also get vegetarian kebab here.

Best Place to Try:- Chowk.

Lucknawi Paan

lucknawi paan

There are many varieties of pan’s in Nawab city but one the famous paan is known as lucknawi paan which is made up of betal leaf, slaked lime paste, saffron, areca nuts, cardamom, sweet chutney, tiny coconut pieces, small pinch of tobacco and a peppermint. The paan is folded in triangular shaped and is layered with silver to enhance its look. You must try it whenever you travel to Lucknow.

Best Place to Try:- Chowk

Famous and Special Food of Lucknow

  • Rumali Roti
  • Korma
  • Kebab Prantha
  • Lucknawi Chaat
  • Malai Paan
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