Famous and Special Food of Agartala

Today we discuss about the famous and special food of agartala but first let’s have a look towards agartala city. Agartala is the capital of Tripura which is a northeast state of India. It is well known for its beautiful places to visit here as well for its historical stories. But, as we know that every city or state have its own specialty, similarly this city also have its own specialty. Agartala is famous for its delicious and various types of cuisines. There are many varieties which you will definitely liked. So, lets take a small tour tour towards famous and special food of agartala which melt your heart.

Famous and Special Food of Agartala


famous and special food of agartala
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If you are meat lover then you must have to know about bhangui because it is just like meat. As we know that rice is main diet for tripur people, so in order to give them a extra advantage one makes a special dish which is named as Bhangui. It is a special dish which is made up of rice and the rice gets dried in the sun and then boiled with ghee, ginger and onion. After that they eat this with meat or fish which makes a perfect combination. You must try it.

Chauk and Chuwarak

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It is famous drink in agartala which is made up of rice. If you are a beer lover then you probably love this drink. It is the traditional beer of agartala which is very famous in the city. This beer is made by fragmenting rice in water. It is a famous drink which is taken by them on special occasions and festivals. It is prepared in different styles and by using various ingredients like jack fruit, mami rice, pineapple, etc. It is also considered that this drink or beer is one of the safest drink in the world.


It is also very famous among all the traditional dishes in agartala. This dish is prepared by bamboo pipes. It have special taste because of aroma and bamboo pipes. But now a days, in the modern era, this dish is prepared in the pan as well. This is well known dish across the city. It is advisable to try it once to experience a taste of agartala food.

Panch Phoron Tarkaari

panch phoron tarkaari
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It is also one of the famous and special food of agartala. The special thing to notice about this dish is that the fragrance of this dish influence the Bengali tradition and this is also one of the reason why it it famous across the city. It have a special and important Bengali spices which makes a perfect blend of five spices and hence it is named as ” Panch Phoron Tarkaari”. It is purely a vegetarian dish and is made up of many vegetables like pumpkin, potato, brinjal, etc and have added spices in it such as red chilies, green chilies, turmeric, bay leaves, etc. It is also regarded as healthy food.

Mui Borok

mui borok
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It is the traditional and famous cuisine of the agartala. This dish is very famous in the city. In the Tripur’s food you will always find one ingredient in every dish, i.e., Berma. As same mui borok is also made with the help of berma. The berma is dried and a fragmented fish which will loved by them very much. This dish is very healthy because it is prepared without oil and also have many vitamins and nutrients. So, I will suggest you that you must try it once whenever you traveled agartala.


It is most delightful, tasty and aromatic dish in India. It is made with stir-fried bamboo shoots and pork pieces and spiced with ginger paste, turmeric, rice flour paste, some raw papayas and green chilies. The taste if this dish is mouth watering and heart melting. There is no question to avoid this dish whenever you get a chance to traveled to agartala.

Wahan Mosdeng

It is pork dish which is famous across the city and have a delicious and mouth watering taste. If you are a meat lover then you will definitely liked it. This delicious dish is prepared with the pork, onions, coriander leaves and green chilies. The roasted green chilies adds the perfect aroma and spices to this delicious dish.

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