Everything You Need To Know About Yana!

Yana is a beautiful hill station in North Karnataka’s Sahyadri Hills, with enthralling beauty and hills that entice even the most avid trekkers. Yana, a little hill station nestled amid one of the world’s most diverse biodiversity hotspots, is a humble hill station with incredible beauty that will charm anyone who gazes upon it. Yana caverns, a little village around 140 kilometres from Hubli, is famed for its adventure, wildlife, and religion, making it a great weekend getaway.

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Yana is a hill station famed for holding two gigantic natural Limestone monoliths that attract thousands of pilgrims every year, thanks to the ever-enchanting flora and freshness of the Sahyadri Hills of the Western Ghats. The religious significance of Bhairaveshwara Peak and Mohini Peak is supposed to be that they symbolize Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, respectively. It is an excellent place to travel and bird watching, in addition to its religious significance. A climb to the twin peaks entails a three-kilometer ascent that is at worst slippery and at best airy. Yana village, with its mud pathways, mushroom-like homes, and laid-back attitude, represents rustic Indian rural life.

Best Time To Visit Yana

The months of October to February are the greatest for visiting this lovely hill station because the slopes are greener, the trekking trail is dry, and there are countless more things to see and do. Plus, you won’t need to bring many layers of clothing and will be fine with just a pullover sweater. Monsoons are a period to avoid because the trekking trail becomes slick and unusable during this time, and most attractions are closed due to the fact that it is off-season.

How To Reach Yana?

By Air: Yana is 142 kilometres from the nearest airport, Hubli. Until Yana, one can hail a cab or ride state highways buses.

By Rail: The nearest rail station is Kumta, which is only 20 kilometres from Yana. To get to Yana, you can take public transportation or call a taxi from here.

By Road: NH 17 connects Yana with Hubli, and the two most direct routes to Yana are from Kumta and Sirsi. From Hubli, Sirsi, and Kumta, local state buses and private buses run to Yana.

What You Can See Around Yana?

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The hill station is known for two granite monoliths known as Bhairaveshwara Sikhara and Mohini Shikhara, which depict the natural manifestation of Lord Shiva’s Linga and Goddess Parvati, respectively. The two huge edicts, which stand over 120m and 90m respectively, are the most eye-catching features of Yana’s highlands. Vibhuti Waterfalls are another must-see destination near Yana, a breathtakingly lovely location in the Sahyadri Hills.

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