Top 16 Places to visit in Mizoram

Mizoram is located in the northeastern part of India and is the smallest state too. It is also known by the name of Songbird of India. Mizoram is derived from the word ‘Mizo’. The native inhabitants are known as ‘Mizos and therefore Mizoram is known as the ‘Land of Mizos and one of the seven sister states in North-East India. It is a majorly agrarian-based economy and has the highest concentration of tribal population among all other states of India. Because of the moderate climate of this state, it is one of the best places to visit during summer.  It is a peaceful, calm unique, and attractive place to visit in India. If you really want to be in Nature’s arms then, it is the right place for you. Apart from this, there are also many places to visit in Mizoram. Let’s have a look-

Places to visit in Mizoram list.

1. Aizawl

Aizawal - Places to visit in Mizoram
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If we are talking about places to visit in Mizoram, then let,s start from Aizawl. The Aizawl is the land of the Mizoram States Museum and it is located in the North-East part of Mizoram. It is the religious and cultural capital of Mizoram, which is a perfect holiday destination and a great place to spend some time with family and friends.  Aizwal is one of the oldest cities in the northeastern part with an elevated setting and breathtaking views. It is said to be the most peaceful state in India and if anyone wants to relax and take a break from their busy life can come here. also, you can check here the best tourist places in Aizwal and famous food in Aizawl.

2. Sercchip

Sercchip - Places to visit in Mizoram
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Sercchip is also known as the hidden color of Mizoram. Sercchip is known to be the city with the highest literacy rate and can give you a vibrant experience. It is a small town where you can experience the life of a small village, adventurous activities, and the color that it sustains. Moreover, there are also some popular villages like Neihloh and Buangpuri. Here you can also enjoy the view of the waterfall, named Vantawng Khawhltha waterfall. If you are interested in village roaming, then include this place in your places to visit in Mizoram.

3. Lunglei

Lunglei - Places to visit in Mizoram
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Lunglei meaning ‘the bridge of rock’, this city is famous for its beautiful nature and breathtaking views. Lunglei is situated in the southern part of nature and is named after the actual bridge-like rock found here. The town is also well close to the city of Aizawl. It is an ideal destination for trekking, adventurous activities, and bird-watching. The beautiful creation of nature can be seen here. In short, if you want to take a break from your busy schedule then, it is the perfect destination for you. The natural beauty, clear sky, the chirping of birds, cool weather, and scenic views will help you to relax your mood and restore your energy which is why this place is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mizoram.

4. Champhai

Champai - Places to visit in Mizoram
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Champhai is one of the most beautiful towns and the best places to visit in Mizoram. It has a fascinating view of scenic hills with the colorful culture surrounding it. This city contains a number of beautiful places such as a cave called the Kungawrhi Puk, a river called Tiau Lui, Rih Dil Lake, Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang, and a few more. One can enjoy trekking at Thasiama Seno Neihna for a better experience.

5. Mamit

Mamit - Places to visit in Mizoram
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Another beautiful place is in the list of places to visit in Mizoram is Mamit. It is the fourth largest district in Mizoram. It is known for its exquisite scenic locales and magnificence, one should not miss out on this beautiful place if they are visiting Mizoram. It is surrounded by the Hailakandi district of Assam in the north, the Tripura district of Tripura state and Bangladesh in the west, the Luglei district in the south, and the Kolasib or Aizawal districts in the east.

6. Saiha

Saiha - Places to visit in Mizoram
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Saiha is known as the fastest-growing town in Mizoram as its population has increased over the last decade. There is a mystery behind its name, earlier its name was Saiha where ‘Sai’ stands for ‘elephant’ and ‘ha’ stands for ‘tooth’ which meant elephant tooth, however, its name afterward was changed by the Mizoram. It is located at a height of 792 meters above sea level. It is truly a heaven for nature lovers. In short, an extremely beautiful place where you should spend your holiday if you want to relax.

7. Kolasib

Kolasib - Places to visit in Mizoram
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The eight administrative districts of Mizoram in Kolasib. The nearest bus stand from Kolasib is situated in the town of Silchar. It is known for its scenic views, largest hills, clear sky, and the rich culture of the town. Hence, it is one of the must-visit places to visit in Mizoram. You seriously can’t afford to miss this place whenever you travel to Mizoram. Hey, wait! Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beautiful views of nature.

8. Reiek

Reiek - Places to visit in Mizoram
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Approximately 1600 meters, Reiek Tlang is the highest hill in Mizoram. It is popularly called nature lovers, and adventure lovers and is a famous site for romantic shoots. Here you can find peace and serenity which will refresh your mood and make your vacations more memorable. This beautiful site also provides the opportunity to trek against the backdrop of the sceneries of Mizo hills. This North-Eastern destination of India is unexplored by many people and is an ideal location too for birdwatching. The constant humming and chirping of the umpteen number of birds make this place worthy to visit.

9. Vantawng Waterfalls

Vantawng Waterfalls - Places to visit in Mizoram
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Another famous place to visit in Mizoram is Vantawng Waterfalls. It is the 13th highest waterfall in the country which is famous for its splendid view. It is the pride of Mizoram and is a popular destination in the city which attracts thousands of people on a daily basis. Crimped between the verdant valley with greenery around the waterfall looks like a river of white milk. This mesmerizing view of the waterfall can also be seen from the dense forest. The lush greenery around it enhances the beauty of this waterfall and makes it one of the most romantic places. Located in the Vanva River near Thenzwal, known for the ravaging speed of flowing water.

10. Hmuifang

Hmuifang - Places to visit in Mizoram
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The eternal beauty of this hill station is a famous tourist place in Mizoram and attracts many travelers towards it. Hmuifang Tlang offers a scenic view of nature and is one of the famous sites for trekkers with the backdrop of clear sky, mountains, dense forest, tall trees, vibrant colored birds, and many more. It is a land that is untouched by human civilization and has wildlife-related activities too. Here you can also enjoy the grand cultural festival promoted by the Tourism development of Mizoram, known as Thalfavang Kut. This festival showcases various dances like Cheraw, Sawlakai, Siktuithiang lam, Chheihlam, and many more. Hence, it is truly the best place to visit in Mizoram. The best time to visit here is during November because of the cultural festival.

11. Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Places to visit in Mizoram
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Dampa Tiger Reserve is located in the deep and dense forest of Mizoram in India. There is a rich variety of flora and fauna which attracts many travelers towards it. It was established in the year 1994 and just started with a few wildlife but now there is a number of Tigers, Indian Python, Leopards, Deer, Sloth Bear, and a number of birds. It spreads over an area of 500 Square Kilometers and is the perfect destination for wildlife lovers too. This bio-graphic site is one of the most famous and prime places to visit in Mizoram.

12. Tamdil (Tam Lake)

Tamdil (Tam Lake) - Places to visit in Mizoram
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It is the largest man-made lake in Mizoram. Tamdil lake is derived from the word Tam and dil which literally means the lake of mustard. The mesmerizing view of this lake makes it one of the relaxing points in the city and is best for those who want to get away from the crowded place and want a break from their hustle-bustle busy schedule. It is one of the best fishing points too. The blue water, clear sky, mesmerizing landscape, and charming environment make it one of the perfect destinations in Mizoram. Moreover, you can also enjoy boating in the lake, walking around the seashore, or just lying down near the lake and reading your favorite book. Trust me, it will re-energize you or refresh your mood.

13. Falkawn Village

Falkawn Village - Places to visit in Mizoram
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It is the model village that features the lifestyle of the Mizo people. Here you will experience the unique and rich culture of the village. To enjoy this unique culture and to know more about the lifestyle of the Mizo people it is the perfect destination for you. So, what are you waiting for? Add it to your places to visit in Mizoram and get ready to visit with your family and friends.

14. Phawngpui

Phawngpui - Places to visit in Mizoram
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Phawngpui is a curious and tranquil town situated in the province of Mizoram. Located at a height of 2157 meters, this place proffers beautiful perspectives. It is encircled by verdant trees and elevated mountains which in amplifying the excellence of the scene. Phawngpui is a perfect destination to escape from the rushing about the city and invest some calm and quiet energy in the midst of nature. It doesn’t just have verdant and thick timberlands, but on the other hand, is plentiful in vegetation. On the off chance that you need to add a touch of experience to your outing, make a point to scale the Blue Mountain and appreciate the trek with hypnotizing picturesque magnificence. The trek to the highest point of the mountain will give awestruck perspectives all in all spots which will cause you to feel as though you are in paradise.

15. Phawngpui National Park

Phawngpui_national_park - Places to visit in Mizoram
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The Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park or just Phawngpui National Park is a stunning studio backwoods in Mizoram lodging a few uncommon creatures and winged animals, embellished in tropical woodland. The recreation center ignores streams and mountains and goes further adding to its characteristic excellence and engaging quality this place is one of the best attractive tourist places in Mizoram. It also houses a few types of birds and animals, for example, the Asiatic mountain bear and the dark hawk. The charming atmosphere permits sightseers to really appreciate the tranquility of the recreation center and what it brings to the table. What makes it an amazing place is that it is a definitive climb for trekkers, explorers, and experience searchers given its reasonably thrown size. The impetus of the long climb is the beautiful magnificence of the recreation center, moreover, you will also get a chance to explore the uncommon creatures, feathered creatures, and plants on the path. Blue Mountain makes for a beautiful, stunning perspective that one must see to accept.

16. Murleng National Park

Murleng National Park - Places to visit in Mizoram

Another one of the famous places to visit in Mizoram is Murleng National Park, located in the Champhal District. It is truly a paradise for nature lovers and is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Here you will find approx 150 species of birds, bamboo, animals, and orchid species. This famous national park is categorized under tropical, semi-evergreen, and sub-mountain forests. This forest can also be compared with the Amazon Forest in South America. So, don’t you think you should visit here? Don’t think too much and pack your bags! Happy Travelling!

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