Top 10 Places to visit in Madikeri

Madikeri is a beguiling hill station located in the state of Karnataka. Madikeri is one of those hill stations that allure tourists from all over the globe, known for it’s serene and beautiful climate, it is truly a traveler’s paradise. From various cuisines to famous monuments, Madikeri has it all, This place should certainly be included in your traveling bucket list. The best time to visit this place would be during winter( December – February) or during monsoon( July – September), the climate is said to remain pleasant and ideal for exploring during these seasons. So what are you waiting for? Here are the top places you must explore during your stay in Madikeri.

1. Raja’s Seat

rajas seat madikeri

Raja’s Seat is located at a distance of 1.5km from Madikeri. Raja’s seat also stands for ‘Seat of the King’, this place is as close as you can get to heaven, with beautiful greenery and seasonal flowers to witness and covered with breathtaking mist, this place is one of the famous attractions in Madikeri, known for attracting tourists. It is said that kings used to spend time with their queens at this very place once upon a time. The best site to witness sunrise and sunset, witnessing the golden light of the sunset in this place, is one of the best sights you would ever come across.

Timing- 6:00 AM To 8:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- INR 5 For Indians and INR 15 For Foreigners
Location- Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

2. Madikeri Fort

Madikeri fort

Madikeri fort located just under a 1km from the city. Madikeri Fort also is known as Mercara Fort. The Madikeri Fort is a famous place in Coorg in Karnataka. Arranged in the focal point of the Madikeri town, the lofty fortress offers visitors with bits of knowledge on the historical backdrop of Coorg and all that the town saw. The raised structures of the fortress additionally give all-encompassing perspectives on the town, which is amazing and excellent. It can’t be contended that the Madikeri Fort is one of the most acclaimed and most cherished tourist spot in Coorg.

This antiquated fort was first developed in the last 50% of the seventeenth century by Muddu Raja, the ruler at that time, the moment of announcing Madikeri as the new capital of Coorg. The ownership of this fort went through different hands after it was caught by Tipu Sultan. Thus, he has made critical changes in the structure and plan of the stronghold too, the most significant ones being made by the British. But now, it houses the workplace of Madikeri’s Deputy Commissioner, just as different objects liked by the visitors. This place also includes a museum where you will find artifacts and portraits or the weapon of the Tipu Sultan Too. It is also an ideal destination for photography.

Timing- 10:00 AM To 5:30 PM (But closed on Monday)
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Madikeri Fort, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

3. Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwara temple Madikeri

Omkareshwra Temple lies in the western ghats. The temple was built in the 19th century by King Lingarajenda II. Madikeri is one of those places that offers more picturesque beauty. It displays both Islamic and Gothic architectural view that attracts many of the tourists towards it. The temple has a wonderful design and has been working in the Muhammadan style of architect. The arch at the middle delineates that. This component causes the temple to look like the style of an average Muslim Dargah. A water tank in this temple houses numerous freshwater fish and adds to the magnificence of this pilgrimage site. It is said to be one of the famous attractions in the city. Regardless of what religion you believe in, this temple attracts everyone and not just devotees with its intriguing architecture. The deity of this temple is Lord Shiva.

Timing- 6:30 AM To 12:00 Noon and 5:00 PM To 8:00 PM
Time Required- 1 Hour
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- State Highway 88, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Coorg, Karnataka, 571201

4. Mandalpatti

Mandalpatti Madikeri

Mandalpatti is located approximately 30km from Madikeri. If you are someone who loves adventure and enjoys trekking this place is for you. It is a perfect getaway from the city. Ignoring the green glades of Pushpagiri backwoods in the Western Ghats, Mandalpatti is a marvelous and one of a kind vantage point in Coorg, Karnataka. Clustered at a height of 1800 m, this place hypnotizes each one of the individuals who visit it. It is also known by the name of ‘Muguli-Peth’ (interpreted in English as the market of mists), the spot’s constant serenity, and an unlimited miracle will relieve you and make you need to visit again and again. There’s nothing quite like roosting on this mountain as you watch birds drifting over far off hills. The spot is particularly well known for the view, it offers at dawn and dusk, when the unmistakable red and pink hues of the sunrays filters through various mists, making the sight absurd yet lovely. One can get on top of the hills by trekking or by renting a jeep. Either way, this place will get your adrenaline rushing. This is certainly a must-visit place in Madikeri.

Timing- 6:00 AM To 6:00 PM
Time Required- 1 Day
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Mahadevpet, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

5. Abbey Falls

Abbey falls madikeri

Abbey Falls, also called Abbi Falls, is situated around 8 kilometers from the town of Madikeri and is one of the most well-known tourist spots in Coorg. The watercourse coming from the bluff from a stature of 70 feet gives an amazing scene to see. Settled inside the rich greenery of Western Ghats, the waterfall attracts hundreds and thousands of people throughout the year, especially nature lovers. The waterfall is situated between private coffee plantation with stocky coffee shrubberies and spices homes with trees laced with pepper vines. There is an over-bridge that hangs inverse of the falls, from where the most pleasant scene of white froths spouting down the edge can be seen, caught and recalled. The flow of the falls leaves a water shower on those who remain there on the bridge for a while. Witnessing water gush out from a height is splendid to look at.

Timing- 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- INR 15 For Indians and INR 20 For Foreigners
Location- Abbey Falls Road, Hebbettageri, Karnataka 57120

6. Raja’s Tomb

Rajas tomb Madikeri

Raja’s Tomb is located at 1.1km from Madikeri. This monument was built-in 1820 using the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. The structure houses three tombs, the focal one for the Kodava King Doddaveerarajendra and his significant other Mahadeviamma, the other two tombs are for the Chikkaveerarajendra’s dad and his master, Rudrappa. A couple of meters from the tomb is the Muttappa Temple. It is said that this place has the mortal remains of King Veera Rajendra, his wife and other dignitaries from the court.

Timing- 9:30 AM To 5:30 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- INR 2 For Indians and INR 5 For Foreigners
Location- SH27, Mahadevpet, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

7. Kanchi Kamakshi Temple

Kanchi Kamakshi temple

This is a little temple is located very close to Raja’s Seat in mid Madikeri hill town. This is maybe the most established temple in this hill town. Temple is devoted to goddess Kamakshi – one of the types of the god of Parvati. The temple has extraordinary religious importance in this piece of the nation. The temple is famous for its fantastic icon of goddess Kamakshi. The temple sees an immense surge of travelers on Fridays. It is additionally famous for its yearly religious festival. Trust me, there is no better place than this to spend some serene time with your family.

Timing- 5:00 AM To 12:00 Noon and 4:00 PM To 8:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Shree Kanchi Kamakshi Temple, Kohinoor Road, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

8. Government Museum

Government museum Madikeri

The government museum is located inside the Madikeri Fort and is an absolute necessity to visit place in Madikeri.This museum was established in the year 1970. This unbelievable historical center is loaded with stunning antiques and old models. The museum houses some enchanting models of divine beings and goddesses from past times. This is an amazing place to witness ancient objects, which were once belonging to kings and queens.

Timing- 10:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Time Required- 2-3 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

9. St. Michaels Church

St. michaels church madikeri

St. Michaels Church is located at a distance of 1km from Madikeri. This Church was built in 2000  AD. St Michael’s Church is a catholic church and one of the religious places to visit in Madikeri. If you are looking for peace, there can be nothing better than visiting this church particularly on a Sunday when there is mass. The church has an intriguing and modern-day architect with a lot of open space around. Simply being there will cause you to feel better.

Timing- 9:00 AM To 8:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Madikeri – Virajpet Road, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

10. Mercara Downs Golf Club

Mercara golf club Madikeri

Mercara Downs Golf Club is a charming green zone arranged close to Galibidu town. This is a mind-boggling fascination, for every individual who aren’t into Gold. There is a stunning clubhouse inside the golf club where you can sit, taste some coffee and eat your preferred snacks in the midst of the rambling normal green magnificence. This wonderful fairway encompassed by enchanting Coorg hill is also home to numerous birds and bird lovers will cherish this spot.  The picturesque beauty of this place can be experienced better in person. so what are you waiting for?

Timing- 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Time Required- 2-3 Hours
Entry Fee- INR 200 For Indians and INR 300 For Foreigners
Location- Galibidu Village, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

11. Bean’s and Brew Cafe

Beans ‘n’ Brews Cafe is one of the most famous cafes in Madikeri where you can have stunning food with a fabulous view of hills. The must-try dishes on the menu include the numerous assortments of gourmet teas, flavorful coffee and pastries. You should visit here once if you are in the town. You will definitely get an experience with your affectionate ones.

Timing- 9:00 AM To 10:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Rain Tree Restaurant, behind Town Hall, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

12. Dubare Elephant Camp

If you love to explore giant animals or if you are an animal lover then this place is just for you. This Elephant Camp is one of the most acclaimed holiday destinations to spend your valuable time with these creatures. Among the best places close Madikeri, you can watch or play with them, appreciate sharing a couple of good minutes while they scrub down. These human-accommodating creatures are worth each second of your time, in short, a best spot to travel in the town Madikeri.

Timing- 8:00 AM To 11:00 AM and 4:30 PM To 5:30 PM
Time Required- 3-4 Hours
Entry Fee- INR 700 For Indians and INR 1450 For Foreigners
Location- Tourism House #8, Papanna Lane, St Marks Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

13. Coffee Plantation

Madikeri is known for its brilliant coffee estates and green meadows rambling spreads over acres of land. The area is well known for its superior class coffee beans. Probably the best thing to do in Madikeri is to go for a walk through these dazzling coffee plantations. The bequests offer individual visits where you can intently watch the picking or planting or collecting of the beans relying upon the season when you are visiting. You can also taste the coffee and take it back home with you.

Timing- 5:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

14. Chelavara Falls

Chelavara Falls is one of the most charming falls in Coorg, Karnataka. These incredible falls spout down from a height of 150 feet on a stone molded like a tortoise. Consequently, this fall is also called Embepare in the neighborhood lingo which means “tortoise rock”. This monstrous common wonder begins from a little stream, a tributary of Kaveri close Cheyyandane town in Karnataka. Settled among the tranquil greenery of espresso estates, the Chelavara falls are a remarkable sight. As well as can be expected to be had during the rainstorm or soon after when the water level is at its pinnacle and the encompassing woodlands at their luscious best. Contorted limited streets pave the way to this captivating Chelavara Falls where nothing more extensive than a minibus can go through. There is additionally a close by a perspective which is around 2 km from this spot and worth a visit. Chelavara falls is the ideal place from the boredom of everyday life. Visit here once!

Timing- 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Cheyyandane village, Chelavara, Karnataka 571212

15. Cauvery Nisargadhama

One of the most pleasant picnic spots in the region, this one comes from a deer park, peacock park, hare park and the stream going through the island’s heart. One can also enjoy the boating and dip into the river here. This is an absolute necessity visit zone in Madikeri, particularly for the kids.

Timing- 9:00 AM To 7:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Nisargadhama, Coorg, Karnataka, 571234

16. Chettali

Situated on the Madikeri-Siddapur Road, Chettali is a small town favored with rich greenery and cloudy hills encompassing it. The Cherala Bhagavathy temple here also attracts travelers and devotees towards it. The Indian Institute of Horticultural Research is also situated here. It is a tiny town that is ideal for a picturesque pitstop from Madikeri, which is found simply 17km away. It is situated on the Mysore-Madikeri streets and thus, making it effectively got to by street.

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Time Required- 1 Day
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Madikeri, Karnataka 571248

17. Galibeedu Trek

Situated at a distance of 12 km from the town of Madikeri in the Coorg area of Karnataka, Galibeedu is a little trekking goal concealed away from the world. The 14 km in length trek is as exciting as it can get with minuscule streams coursing through it in pleasant environmental factors; and offers a various path to scale, perfect for both the learners and experts. The path is set apart through a wilderness in the midst of verdant greenery, espresso estates, flooding streams and offers uncommon sights of hypnotizing wonderful birdies. Round the corners, you can also observe the charming Western Ghats which add to the general luring experience.

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Time Required- 1 Day
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Galibeedu, Karnataka 571248

18. Chingara Falls

A beautiful place tucked between coffee domains and tropical backwoods, Chingara Falls is enjoyment for nature lovers and trekkers. Seeming like a smooth dam from a remote place, the Falls, however immaculate in their excellence and immaculate yet, are presently progressively getting famous among visitors. There is no sight more charming than seeing water falling in all its strength between the lavish greenery of its environmental factors. Furthermore, such a sight is introduced to you by the smooth dam of water known as the Chingara Falls. The waterfall among many found in the quiet Western Ghats of south-western India is an exceptional treat where one can enjoy an invigorating swim or simply kick back and take in the view. The Chingara Falls is generally joined by a trek that paves the way to it, the trek which begins at Honey Valley Estate is five kilometers in length with a lofty climb and drop making it a difficult undertaking in any event, for the fittest trekkers out there. In any case, the trek through the tropical backwoods adds a great deal more to the experience and toward its finish, you get the chance to wash all the tiredness away by taking a dip vulnerable and reviving water, at the falls.

Timing- 6:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Time Required- 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee
Location- Yavakapadi Village Post, Kabbinakad, Madikeri Taluk, Coorg District, Karnataka 571212

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