All you should know before visit to VIETNAM

Vietnam, a place settled in the southern piece of Eastern Asia is known for its tranquil and peaceful environment. When frequented by the carnage and struggle of the Vietnam War, the avenues of the country in its present symbol buzz with youthful energy. Tall and approaching high rises, curious gliding markets, mopeds zooming through the streets, and paddy fields add much more to its general charms. Overflowing overpowering normal magnificence and rich legacy, the nation takes you on an excursion through its old design and its vibrant culture. Trust me, it is the best destination to explore during vacations and you will not regret after visiting here. There are numerous places to visit in the city and none can be skipped, if you are in the city. Now, without wasting your time, scroll down and have a look at some of the best places to visit in the city.

1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, in northeast Vietnam, is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. Junk boat tours and sea kayak expeditions take visitors past islands named for their shapes, including Stone Dog and Teapot islets. The region is popular for scuba diving, rock climbing, and hiking, particularly in mountainous Cat Ba National Park. As the name indicates itself, the place of descending dragon, so, how can you miss this scenic place? Probably you wouldn’t want that!

Best Time To Visit- In the months of Summer to Spring
Nearest Airport- Hanoi
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

2. Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam is a vast maze of rivers, swamps and islands, home to floating markets, Khmer pagodas and villages surrounded by rice paddies. Boats are the main means of transportation, and tours of the region often start in nearby Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) or Can Tho, a bustling town in the heart of the delta.

Best Time To Visit- In the months of Summer to Spring
Nearest Airport- Can Tho International Airport
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

3. Sapa

Sapa is one of the well-known hill stations situated in Vietnam. Located at a height of 1500 meters Sapa is known to impart outskirts to China. This destination is famous for cultural diversity and beautiful magnificence. This spot has seen a quick development in the ongoing years and is viewed as one of the most lovely areas in the country. A popular trekking base, it overlooks the terraced rice fields of the Muong Hoa Valley and is near the 3,143m-tall Phang Xi Pang peak, which is climbable via a steep, multiday guided walk. Hill tribes, such as the Hmong, Tay and Dao, make up much of the town’s local population.

Best Time To Visit- March To May and September To December
Nearest Airport- Hanoi
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

4. Hue

Hue is a city in central Vietnam that was the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors and the national capital from 1802 to 1945. A major attraction is its vast, 19th-century Dai Noi Citadel, surrounded by a moat and thick stone walls. It encompasses the Imperial City, with palaces and shrines; the Forbidden Purple City (Tu cam thanh), once the emperor’s home; and a replica of the Royal Theater.

Best Time To Visit- In the months of Summer
Nearest Airport- Hanoi
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

5. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a protected area in north-central Vietnam. Characterized by mountains, tropical forests, and underground rivers, it’s known for its ancient limestone karsts and vast network of caves. These include the huge Son Doong cave and Phong Nha cave, which is big enough for boats. The area’s rich wildlife includes tigers, black bears, and elephants.

Best Time To Visit- February To August
Nearest Airport- Dong Hoi
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

6. My Son

My Son is a cluster of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples in Vietnam, constructed between the 4th and the 14th century by the kings of Champa. The temples are dedicated to the worship of the god Shiva, known under various local names, the most important of which is Bhadreshvara. It is a famous World Heritage Site and is popular for its history, culture, ethos and architectural view. It is an ideal location for photography too.

Best Time To Visit- In the months of Summer to Spring
Timing- 6:30 AM To 4:30 PM
Ideal Duration- 2-3 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

7. Hoi An

Hoi An is a city on Vietnam’s central coast known for its well-preserved Ancient Town, cut through with canals. The former port city’s melting-pot history is reflected in its architecture, a mix of eras and styles from wooden Chinese shophouses and temples to colorful French colonial buildings, ornate Vietnamese tube houses and the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge with its pagoda.

Best Time To Visit- In the months of Summer to Spring and February To June
Nearest Airport- Da Nang
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

8. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal resort city in southern Vietnam known for its beaches, diving sites, and offshore islands. Its main beach is a long, curving stretch along Tran Phu Street backed by a promenade, hotels and seafood restaurants. Aerial cable cars cross over to Hon Tre Island, and the nature reserves of Hon Mun and Hon Tam islands, reachable by boat, have coral reefs.

Best Time To Visit- February To April
Nearest Airport- Nha Trang
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

9. Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (commonly known as Saigon) is a city in southern Vietnam famous for the pivotal role it played in the Vietnam War. It’s also known for its French colonial landmarks, including Notre-Dame Cathedral, made entirely of materials imported from France, and the 19th-century Central Post Office. Food stalls line the city’s streets, especially around bustling Ben Thanh Market.

Best Time To Visit- November To April
Nearest Airport- Ho Chi Minh
Ideal Duration- 2-3 Days

10. Dalat

Da Lat, the capital of Lam Dong Province in southern Vietnam’s Central Highlands, is centered around a lake and golf course and surrounded by hills, pine forests, lakes, and waterfalls. Known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its distinctive temperate climate, Da Lat was developed as a resort by the French in the early 1900s, and many reminders of its colonial heritage remain.

Best Time To Visit- December To March
Nearest Airport- Nha Trang Cam Ranh
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

11. Hanoi

Hanoi is an unfaltering reservoir of the numerous wars battled on its territory and is currently the capital of Vietnam. The city is pressed with natural excellence and sentiment and lies on the banks of the Red River. It is socially and financially developing at a fast rate and is a blend of mature age fascination and a cutting edge cosmopolitan viewpoint. A huge city – Hanoi despite everything holds relics of its French-involved past in its French Quarters, and shows a recognized class in its Old Quarter, based on the Hoan Kiem Lake. It is a postcard-ideal vision of shocking pagodas, serene avenues, and perky boulevards with luxurious food alternatives. This beguiling capital was additionally granted the title of ‘City of Peace’ by the UNESCO in 1999. Clamoring with group and voices, it is wealthy in culture with ever-developing framework. Otherwise called – ‘City of Lakes’, around two many such water bodies add to the excellence of this effectively perfect city. In the midst of the flourishing economy and a proceeding with a feeling of progress, there is a solid substance of sentimentality clear all over Hanoi. No big surprise then that it is additionally called ‘Paris of the East’! Test the craftsmanship scene, chomp on the cooking and wash in the relaxable vibe of the city of Hanoi.

Best Time To Visit- October To April
Nearest Airport- Hanoi – Noi Bai
Ideal Duration- 2-3 Days

12. Da Nang

Da Nang sits agreeably on the east shoreline of Vietnam, directly among Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Famously known as the traveler capital of South-Central Vietnam, Da Nang is really dazzling – loaded up with beaches, museums, advancing nightlife and world-class foundation. On the bank of the South China Sea, with the Han River moving through its middle, Da Nang is embellished by different scaffolds. The most striking among them is, obviously, the Golden Bridge enhanced by a figure of two monster hands holding it up. Also called Danang, its vicinity to My Son, Hue and Hoi An is another of its numerous visitor draws. It is likewise mainstream for its a lot of vacation spots, for example, Marble Mountains, Bach Ma National Park, and the Dragon Bridge. When a laidback city by the backwaters, Da Nang is presently quickly transforming into a city of things to come with numerous instructive and business center points at the focal point of its appeal. Laidback seashores, energetic nightlife, and bright riverfronts – That’s Da Nang for you!

Best Time To Visit- February To May
Nearest Airport- Da Nang
Ideal Duration- 2-3 Days

13. Bac Ha

Bac Ha is a town situated in the Northwest of Vietnam and is a tired little town, the economy of which is revolved around its Saturday and Sunday markets. The trade, the hues, the nearby products and an ever-clamoring issue, these business sectors are generally visited on a day trip from the neighboring Sa Pa Village. It is the capital of the Flower Hmong area and is a renowned beginning point for treks.
The locale of Bac Ha is home to various beguiling towns that house very nearly 54 minorities of Vietnam. From complicatedly planned high-quality conventional dress to delightful neighborhood cooking, all the fundamentals of this lively culture discover a spot in the business sectors here. Bac Ha is additionally popular for Tam Hoa plums. If you love this landscape, which it definitely will, you can take a stab at trekking here too. It is regular for voyagers to select Bac Ha rather than Sa Pa as there are fewer people and the path is moderately unexplored.

Best Time To Visit- December To April
Nearest Airport- Hanoi
Ideal Duration- 2 Days

14. Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay in Northeastern Vietnam is an augmentation of Ha Long Bay – An UNESCO World Heritage site – situated at a negligible 30 km from it. In any case, this little separation makes a tremendous distinction in the experience that you can have here! A similar limestone karsts, greenish-blue waters and sluggish travels short the hordes of Ha Long Bay is the thing that sets Bai Tu Long Bay separated from its sister goal. This UNESCO World Heritage site is commanded basically by the rich Bai Tu Long National Park that fills in as a perfect area for trekking and for seeing different brilliant winged animal and butterfly species. The most ideal approach to observe the excellence of Bai Tu Long Bay is through travels. These can either be reserved at Ha Long Bay Tourist Wharf or at Bai Tu Long Bay itself, the expense for these is roughly 300,000 VND Per Hour.

Best Time To Visit- February To April
Nearest Airport- NoiBai 
Ideal Duration- 4-5 Days

15. Nui Sam

Sam Mountain, referred to locally as Nui Sam, is a 240-meter high mountain found only a short distance from Chau Doc in the Mekong Delta. The highest point not just offers a fabulous perspective on the Vietnamese open country, however, the encompassing regions house a huge number of cavern sanctuaries and pagodas, with solid Chinese impacts. Sam Mountain is a journey site, both for Vietnamese local people and vacationers. The environmental factors of the Nui Sam have an incredible noteworthy hugeness and have various pagodas, tombs and sanctuaries, essential among them incorporate – Ba Chua Xu Temple, Tay A Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Tao Ngo Garden. This is the ideal spot for picture takers that like taking excellent perspectives from the top, individuals who appreciate trekking and the individuals who need some laid back time in the midst of the natural beauty of Vietnam.

Best Time To Visit- Throughout The Year
Nearest Airport- Tinh Bien
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

16. My Tho

My Tho, the capital of Tien Giang in Vietnam has now become the commercial center for guests in the Mekong Delta. Individuals regularly visit this spot on their approach to Ho Chi Minh and Can Tho throughout the spring or the mid-year season. This period from January to May permits guests to move around and experience the excellence of the blossom cultivates in My Tho. notwithstanding, this city despite everything needs significantly more consideration than it as of now has. My Tho is situated in South Vietnam and is known for its way of life, legacy and chronicled nearness throughout the entire existence of Vietnam. Viewed as the focal point of instruction, innovation and financial matters, My Tho is a piece of the North Bank of the upper waterway called Tien Giang. The gliding market in this city is by a wide margin, the most well-known fascination for vacationers, particularly for them who wish to explore Vietnamese ice, fish and fruits.

Best Time To Visit- January To May
Nearest Airport- Tan Son Nhat International Airport 
Ideal Duration- 1 Day

17. Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot, which was prior called Lac Giao, is the capital of the area of Dak Lak. Arranged in the slopes of Central Highlands, it is known as the “Capital of Coffee” in Vietnam. It additionally holds a biennial espresso celebration in the period of March that is frequented by Coffee Lovers internationally. Found pretty much 3-hours from Nha Trang it isn’t unexpected to visit this town as a visitor on a day trip. Buon Ma Thuot is wealthy in grand magnificence, which can be found in its cascades like the Dray Nur Natural Waterfalls, Dray Sap Waterfalls and Gia Long Waterfalls. It is likewise home to national parks like Yok Don and galleries that feature the historical backdrop of the spot. The scene of Buon Ma Thuot additionally empowers experiences like trekking. In any case, a license is required to visit the town and can be gotten up Lak Tourist Association.

Best Time To Visit- November To April
Nearest Airport-  Buon Ma Thuot
Ideal Duration- 2-3 Days

18. Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh, the capital city of Tay Ninh territory, is the site for the celebrated Cu Chi Tunnels worked during the Vietnam War for military attack. It imparts its outskirts to Cambodia and is just 90 km from the biggest city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. The city’s critical area gives it a monetary preferred position. Tay Ninh is the middle and the origin of the religion ‘Cao Dai’ which was established in 1962. The conviction is regular among a great many Vietnamese regular folks. The Cao Dai Temple is the Mecca of Cao Daism and is a mainstream vacation destination too.

Tay Ninh is an ordinary southern city of Vietnam encompassed by rice fields and streets loaded with bikes. In spite of the fact that Tay Ninh appears to be a greater amount of a monetary area, it works superbly of keeping vacationers occupied by offering many touring locales, markets and exercises to take part in. It additionally has a fair number of inns where one could remain easily combined with a chain of cafés and bistros for a dine experience.

Best Time To Visit- December To April
Nearest Airport-  Svay Reing Airport
Ideal Duration- 1-2 Days

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