Best 10 places to visit in Puri

Puri is an ancient temple town, located on the Bay of Bengal. The home of Lord Jagannath, Situated along the Bay of Bengal in the state of Odisha Puri is really a beautiful coastal city. Among the several places to visit in Puri, the most important and famous is the Shree Jagannath Temple – one of the four holiest places of Hindu pilgrimage sites (Char Dham). Besides other well-known temples, Puri has so many sacred tanks, including Pancha Tirth, where devotees need to take a dip to complete their pilgrimage. The city also has one of the most beautiful beaches, which holds religious significance for Hindus. Puri is famous for its rivers, lakes, and beaches and is best visited during winter.

Here are the best places to visit in Puri

1. Chilika lake

chilika lake Best places to visit in Puri
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Chilika Lake is the biggest saltwater lake in Asia, it is a heaven on earth for fledgling watchers and nature darlings. The pear-formed lake is specked with a couple of little islands and has fisheries and salt containers around its shore. The Chilika Lake additionally houses the most obliging environments on the planet, which implies that a wide variety of verdure can be spotted here. The lake offers a flashy showcase of a horde of avian charms in various tones and hues, going from the white-bellied ocean hawks to flamingos, and from brilliant plovers to sandpipers. this is the must-visit palace according to our list of best places to visit in Puri. So don’t miss exploring this spot which is one of the outstanding tourist places in Puri.

2. Lakshmi Temple

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Arranged close to the Jagannath Temple, this is a significant sanctuary attributable to the convictions around the historical backdrop of this structure. It is trusted that the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati occurred on the 6th day of the fortnight of Jyeshta and they were welcome to this sanctuary by Goddess Lakshmi. This sanctuary is an absolute necessity visit for all visitors and one of the best places to visit in Puri.

3. Raghurajpur Artist Village

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Raghurajpur town is a legacy creates town close to Puri, known for Pattachitra compositions, just as other fine arts like palm leaf etching, wood and stone carvings, papier mache, and Gotipua society move, the ancestor of traditional Odissi move style. The town is likewise the main spot where the conventional enhancement for Lord Jagannath’s position of royalty, called Patas, is made. The workmanship improved town owes its way of life to a period as right on time as 5 BCE.

4. Ganesh Temple

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Inside the popular Jagannath sanctuary complex in Puri, is arranged a little Ganesh sanctuary, comprising of a select picture of Ganesha known as Natya Ganesh, for example, Moving Ganesh. Disregarding its little size, each year a huge number of lovers offer their supplications. History uncovers that the icon is talented by the King of Kanchi. The Jagannath sanctuary complex involves numerous different sanctuaries committed to divine beings Hanuman, Surya, Saraswati, and Vimala. Before the Ganesh sanctuary, a little water-pot developed of stones known as Rohinikund is additionally present. This heritage crafts village is one of the best tourist places to visit in Puri.

5. Astaranga Beach

Best places to visit in Puri
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As the name recommends this shoreline is acclaimed for the beautiful perspectives that it gives amid the dusk. The sky takes on clear shades and the blue water in the juxtaposition of it makes the entire spot look mystical. The Astaranga shoreline is a well-known angling town and each morning a market is set up on the shoreline from where you can buy the various assortments of new fish. This shoreline is an ideal spot to escape from the pell-mell of the city and invest some calm and tranquil energy in reviving yourself. and talked about the other best places to visit in Puri.

6. Swargadwar Beach

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This place could be considered the best picnic spot among all the places to visit in Puri. Running along the principal Marine Drive of Puri, directly before the Swargadwar Crematorium, the popular shoreline of Puri is the throbbing heartbeat of the city. Swarmed with guests consistently, the Swargadwar Beach is dabbed with various slows down selling neighbourhood carefully assembled items, seashells, and jewellery. An entire morning leaves by sprinkling and washing at the protected, sandy shoreline, while the nights are kept for getting a charge out of the maritime view and tea and snacks from the numerous slow down.

7. Sri Jagannath Puri Temple

jaganath temple puri
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Situated in the holy town of Puri, the Jagannath Temple or the pride of India was made in the eleventh century by King Indradyumna. This brilliant sanctuary is the residence of Lord Jagannath who is a type of Lord Vishnu. It is the most venerated journey site for Hindus and is incorporated into the devout Char Dham Yatra with Badrinath, Dwarka, and Rameshwaram. Aside from the principal hallowed place that ascents high, numerous minor sanctuaries inside the mind-boggling will make you have an inclination that you have entered God’s home itself.If you are visiting Puri then this temple is surely one of the most important places to visit in Puri.

8. Puri Beach

puri beach
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Puri Beach is one of the best coastlines in East India, flanking the Bay of Bengal, and is situated at a separation of 35 km from the Sun Temple. With the sun sparkling on the unblemished waters of the shoreline, the spot is perfect for occasion creators searching for some isolation. It is regularly rushed by lovers visiting the shoreline for a cleaning plunge who come to Puri to pay their praise to Lord Jagannath. The shoreline is likewise eminent for the sand models made by globally known sand craftsman Sudarshan Patnaik. The models are normally motivated by the workmanship covering the sanctuary dividers or other fanciful characters or scenes. This spot is on top of the places to visit in puri and will surely make your trip memorable.

9. Narendra Tank

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Narendra Tank is one of the biggest tanks in Odisha and is accepted to have been working since the fifteenth century. This tank is viewed as blessed and has a great deal of little and huge sanctuaries encompassing it. There is an island amidst the lake with a little sanctuary called Chandana Mandapa.

10. Baleshwar Beach

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Baleshwar Beach, or Chandipur Beach as it is more famously known, is one of the not-so-much-swarmed but rather more tranquil shorelines of Odisha. What makes this shoreline extraordinary is its tide design. Amid specific ebb tides, the ocean water retreats once more from the sandy shoreline for as much as 5 kilometers, abandoning sloppy attributes. Along these lines, this shoreline is an environmentally rich and furthermore incredible spot to discover mollusks, shellfish, and horseshoe crabs. these are the best places to visit in Puri hope you like them.


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