Top 10 Street Food in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of southern Indian’s Telangana State. As we all know that, Hyderabad is the famous city for cultural habitat also for food lovers. This is the perfect destination where you can try every kind of food with special varieties. So, let’s have a look towards the special street food in the city which you must have to try.

Top 10 Street Food of Hyderabad



If you are hungry and looking for a tasty and spicy food in a minute the samosa is also good option for you. It is fried snack which have a filling of boiled potatoes which are mixed with spices. After that, it is served with green and red chutney. You can

find this famous street food everywhere in the city.

Best Place to Try:- Charminar Market.



In Hyderabad, you can also try famous south Indian’s dish, i.e. Uthapam. It is made with the Dosa’s mixture but there is a small difference between these two. Dosa only have a masala of boiled potato but Uthapam have a mixture of vegetables like tomato, onion and many more with added spices. It is also best one to satisfy your carvings.

Best Place to Try:- Hotel Rumaan Restaurant.

Hyderabadi Chicken


Most of people loves to eat chicken and it is favorite also. It is spicy deep fried and delicious dish. In Hyderabad, chicken is very famous and you can it anywhere at anytime. For foody and most importantly for Punjabi’s it is the best option to satisfy your carvings.

Best Place to Try:- Hotel Tulip Grand

Dum Pukht

dum phukt

It is a kind of biryani which is loaded with herbs, spices and many more things and is made on low flame. This dish will definitely wins your heart. So, whenever you travel to Hyderabad then don’t forget to try this dish.

Best Place to Try:- Sindhi Colony

Irani Chai

irani chai

Irani Chai is the most famous thing in the Hyderabad. You can get this everywhere and at any time in the city. This chai is made in a different and unique way and is served with biscuits. These biscuits are salty and crispy which add the more taste in Irani Chai.

Best Place to Try:- Charminar Market.



It is best and delicious food which is favorite of almost everyone. Bhelpuri is the king of snacks. It is spicy and have delicious taste. To stop your carvings at anytime this is the best option for you. You can get it everywhere and at anytime.

Best Place to Try:- Sri Narsing’s Bhelpuri.



It is a another sweet dish which is famous all over the city. It is made by fragmentation of rice and milk and is served in the earthen pot. It is also one of the which you can get every time and everywhere in the Hyderabad. It is the dish which wins everyone’s heart. So, you must try this sweet dish.

Best Place to Try:- Golkonda Street Food



It is a spicy and deep fried dish. It is made yup of besan, onion and other spices and masala. This is the dish which you can get everywhere in the city and probably one of the famous street food in Hyderabad.

Best Place to Try:- Charminar Market.

Double ka Meetha

double ka meetha

It is a sweet dish and one of the famous dish in Hyderabad. It is a special dish in Muslims Wedding in Hyderabad. It is made with bread which is soaked in saffron and cardamon and is mixed well in milk. This dish is favorite sweet dish in Hyderabad. Thus, it is also one of the famous street food in the city.

Best Place to Try:- Golkonda Street Food



Momos is the dish which is liked by everyone. For momos, you don’t need to see the time and place and you are not required to feel hungry. Momos is now become one of the famous and perfect street food everywhere. To satisfy your carvings, you can get it everywhere and at anytime in the streets of Hyderabad.

Best Place to Try:- Momos Point, Habisguda

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