Dehradun’s Famous and Special Food

Dehradun is the capital of the Indian State of Uttarakhand. This city is known for its culture and history.  It is the one of the popular destination among tourist because of its beautiful weather, beautiful places to visit here and as well as because of its famous and special food. So, let take a small tour towards its delicious and mouth watering dishes which you must try whenever you visit Dehradun.

Street Food of Dehradun

Bun Tikki

bun tikki

Have you ever visited Mumbai or have you ever heard about Dabeli or Vada Pav? If yes, then you must know about bun tikki. It is basically belongs to burger family. A tikki is inserted between lightly toasted buns which is made up of potato, chana dal, and mixed with spices which add on the taste and is served with tamarind chutney and other condiments. This dish is one of the famous street food in dehradun. You must try it once whenever you visit there.

Best Place to Try:- Bun Tikki Vala, EC Road, Dwarka Store Chowk



It is always everyone’s favorite and one of the famous street food everywhere. It is made with the delicious filling of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian which is wrapped in a thin sheet of dough which may be fried or steamed and is served with spicy dipping sauce. You can get it everywhere in the city to satisfy your carving anytime at an affordable price.

Best Place to Try:- KC Momos, Rajpur Road



As we all know that everyone likes South Indian food. You can get it everywhere and at any time in city. It is made with the rice flour and have filling of mashed and boiled potato with spices and is served with sambhar and coconut chutney. This dish will surely wins your.

Best Place to Try:- Chakrata Road and Parade Grounds




Another well known and one of the favorite street food is noodles. Everyone likes noodles and it is always everyone’s favorite. It is the best dish to satisfy your carving at any time and at any place and also at affordable price. You can get it everywhere in the city and you can get prepared it from them in your own way also like you want to add vegetables or not or any other topping.

Best Place to Try:- Mussoorie Road




In our country, everyone loves to eat samosa and is very famous among street food. It is deep fries snack and is made up of the filling of mashed potatoes with added spices and is served with green and red chutney. It is triangular in shape. The best time to eat is at evening. This is one of the best snack which you can get any time.

Best Place to Try:- Chakrata Road

Faluda Kulfi



It is a milk based shake which is topped with rose syrup and with kalonji seeds. It is a cold desert which you must try during Summer. It is the best time to taste it and it is one of the best and delicious ice-cream in the city. This ice-cream is best for everyone and you can get it at anytime and at everywhere in the city.

Best Place to Try:- Clock Tower Road

Chole Poori

chole puri

It is of the famous street food and delicious one. It is also a fried road side food which is served with chole and chopped onion. This is the best road side food to satisfy your carving at any time and at everywhere. It is not only famous in Dehradun but it also famous across the country. You must try it once.

Best Place to Try:- Hanuman Chowk



If you love fried snacks then you will surely love pakodas. They are made with the mixture of besan and onions or spices are added in it which get fried and is served with chutney which gives a delicious and spicy taste. There are also many varieties and you can choose according to your taste.

Best Place to Try:- Rajpur Chowk

Butter Toffees

butter toffee

This city is famous for its bakery culture and many of the bakeries in the Dehradun are running from the ancient time. On these bakeries you can get butter toffees which are very famous in the city and is very delicious. They are also known as stick jaws. It is filled with butter and have flavors. You can pick the flavor of your own choice like chocolate flavor, butter flavor, etc.

Best Place to Try:- Ellora’s Bakery

Famous and Special Food of Dehradun

  • Katlamba
  • Fish Pakoda
  • Milk Rusks
  • Bal Mithai
  • Dubuk
  • Kafuli
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