Best Road Trips in India That You Must Take

Road Trips? Long Drives With your loved ones seems to be romantic! Isn’t it? Just Kidding! But yeah, road trips are best for both lovers and solo travelers, even you can also enjoy it with your squad. The bike trip is the most adventurous activity which you should do once in a life. Well, India is a beautiful country and there are many places to visit here. So, from the tunnels and sea, we found some of the best road trips in India that you must take. So, pack your bags and full your bike with petrol & get ready for the adventure. Sounds exciting? Here is a mini-guide for the best road trips in India that you must take. Have a look-

1. Manali to Leh Highway

Best Road Trips in India
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A extend of the street that has been immortalized on the silver screen by different Bollywood motion pictures with celebrated performing artists and performing artists moving to their heart’s substance on this wonderful street. Words fall flat to portray the beauty of the Manali to Leh interstate drive and one must be there to witness its magnificence in all its blanketed wonderfulness. The picture of the dim damp street against the cold slope slants and the purplish-blue scenery is what street trip dream are made of. Trust on your trusty motorbike or an open-roofed Jeep, so that no impressions of the sights are missed. Manali to Leh is one of the foremost popular and first trips to Best Street Trips in India. The street ranges over an add up to of 479 km and contains a cruel height of 3 to 4 km over the ocean level. The street conditions are secure and stay open for 5 months amid the summer up until mid of October. The full travel on the street ought to take 2 days and has one stopover for acclimatization and rest. So, what are you holding up for? Pack your bags! Call your adored one and go for the ride.

Distance: Approx 479 Kilometers
Duration: 2 Days
National Highways: Leh Manali Highway

2. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

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What can be more pleasant than the assembly of the enormous oceans of the Inlet of Bengal with the magnificent Eastern Ghats? This favorable meet of the sea with the mountains creates for a superb encounter of those needing to require an end of the week street trip. The union city of Visakhapatnam never fails to charm its guests with its one of a kind magnificence and after that there’s Araku Valley that’s led up to by bending streets, carved in between magnificent green slopes, under the dim sky with the smell of new vegetation within the discuss there to go with you on your drive up. Hence, it is additionally one of the most excellent street trips in India. The street is 116 km and is dabbed with curiously sights such as the Borra Caves and Tatipudi Store on the way. The best time to require the trip would be from October to March.

Distance: 116 KM
Duration: 3 Hours
Via Araku Valley- Vishakhapatnam Road

3. Mumbai To Pune Expressway

Mumbai Pune Best Road Trips in India
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Numerous people who live in the busy city of Mumbai think of Lonavala at whatever point they think of a street trip. And legitimately so, because it may be a wonderful end of the week spot for nearly anybody who adores pleasant encompassing of mountains, delicate breezes of the tall height, a laid back vibe, rich green foliage all around and to chomp the succulent chikki natural product which could be a nearby favorite. The Mumbai to Pune expressway leads up to Lonavala which is 93 km long and permits for cabs and buses and private cars to utilize, to and fro. Whereas two-wheeler is as it were permitted on the ancient Mumbai Interstate which is additionally a road in great shape with comparative pleasant sees driving up to the slopes. But the moderately unused expressway offers for distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved” a much better driving involvement. You too get stops at well-known eateries to stuff your mouth with top-notch north Indian nourishment at places like Sunny Da Dhaba and The Kinara Town Dhaba, which have an ancient school Dhaba climate to coordinate with the nourishment.

Distance: 93 KM
Duration: 2 Hrs
National Highways: Mumbai Pune Expressway

4. Manali to Shimla via Mandi

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The Shimla to Manali road trip is one of the foremost unwinding long drives you may ever take in the midst of the slopes along the bending streets driving up to the excellent hill station. The Waterway Beas goes with all through the extension of the road as you drive through the verdant greenery of the smooth street that cuts up the mountains. On the off chance that you’re tired from all the driving at that point fair get off any time and douse your feet within the ice-cold water of the stream to wake from your tired drive and sprinkle around to bring the inner child out. You haven’t taken a Himachal excursion unless you have got at slightest a handful of selfies of you playing within the water amid your ride between Shimla to Manali. Shimla to Mandi is additionally coming in Best Road Trips in India.

Distance: 250 KM
Duration: 4 Hrs
National Highway: NH3 And NH205

5. Tawang from Guwahati by Road

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These two are must-visit spots after you are within the Northeast. Whereas the drive is long and challenging, it is similarly worth it for those who have a adore for the roads and the murmur of a bike or a car. The road trip could be a long one requiring 10 hours of drive, but there are a few great places to halt and extend and rectify your feet that produces it comfortably doable. Spread over a beautiful landscape of mountain roads, the 520 km travel makes it worth the time and exertion. This trip also comes within the list of Best Road Trips in India.

Distance: 520 KM
Duration: 10 Hours
National Highway: via Chariduar – Tawang Rd and NH13

6. Pondicherry from Chennai

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Take the route along the east coast street, which is perfect for those riding a bicycle. Indeed, Chetan Bhagat, the creator talks exceedingly of the road as he has composed around it in his book. Typically one special extend that goes with by the ocean nearby the long winding road to the wonderful city of Pondicherry. Pondicherry from Chennai is additionally in our Best Road Trips in India. While going there, make sure to keep your camera to click the photographs of the sun and its reflections on the ocean which is a wonderful memory of this trip. Usually, this is one of the foremost excellent roads in India idealize for a road trip around the year. The road extends up to 160 km and passes through the UNESCO World Legacy location of Mahabalipuram. It takes an add up to of 3 superb hours to outline the street, with other curiously locales lining it like Idaikkazhinadu (Alamparai Post aka Alambara Post), Kalpakkam (atomic plant), Mudaliarkuppam (boat shelter with donning office),

Distance: 160 KM
Duration: 3Hrs
National Highways: NH32

7. Konark from Puri

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This road trip is idealized for those aesthetic tree-lined photos, the excellent canopy shaped over the slip street that leads up to the notable town is genuinely a locate to observe. The misty breeze from the adjacent sea blended with the woody scent of the nice-looking forest that lines the street will make for an extraordinary road trip with a perfect romantic ambiance. This road is trip is just 36 km and can be completed within an hour, but you’d need to savor the journey and wish for it to extend a small longer.

Distance: 36 KM
Duration: 1 Hr
National Highways: NH 203

8. Bandipur Forest to Bangalore

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None of the list complete without the discussion of Bandipur Forest to Banglore. The route to Bangalore through the Bandipur forest is the foremost beautiful road trip you’ll be able to have in India when it comes to drives through the forests. Moreover, you can take up this road when traveling to Ooty from Mysore, passing through Bandipur National Stop. You can also have this road trip in a car with an open sunroof by playing Antakshari or other fun activities for the best experience of road trip. The street is 235 km long in add up to and takes approximately 5 hours of drive. In any case, you’ll get off and extend your legs and fill up on snacks along the way, like at McDonald’s or other cafes. Hence, in my opinion, it is the most favorable road trip in India.

Distance: 235 KM
Duration: 5 Hrs
National Highways: NH766

9. Gangtok to Nathula Pass through Lake Tsomgo

Road Trip
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Another best road trip in India is in the area of Northeast, which generally remains unexplored, if you want to visit at such of untouched place, then this is the right pick for you. The Northeast offers some of the foremost pleasant destinations for road trips, where the most magnificent of the road is the uncertainty of the landscape. The trip to Lake Tsomgo from Gangtok also known as Changu Lake and it will be the best trip of a lifetime. From Gangtok, Nathu-La Pass is almost 55 km long and Tsomgo Lake is on the way and falls at 39 km from Gangtok.

Distance: 55 KM
Duration: 1 Hour
National Highway: NH 10

10. Shimla to Manali Via Spiti and Kinnaur

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While the drive-through Mandi is great, this is the most recommended route to Manali from Shimla. For an unforgettable experience, you should take this trip. The main highlight of the trip is spiti and Kinnaur. While a trip to this place, don’t forget to carry your camera for the beautiful pictures of valleys, green mountains and many more. The mountains of valleys are surrounding with lush greenery and you will experience this beauty when you pass through Kalpa, Sangla valley and the higher altitude areas that have a unique beauty like Nako Valley, Chango, and Ropa.

Distance: 640 KM
Duration: 17 Hrs
National Highway: NH205

11. Delhi to Agra

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The Yamuna expressway is likely the most excellent road within the nation and an absolute must-do for all road trip enthusiasts in Delhi. In case, if you have got sufficient driving stamina, you’ll be able to visit the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort and come back to Delhi at night. You’ll cover this extend on the Yamuna Expressway in less than 2 hours as the road is fairly astonishing.

Distance: Approx 233 KM
Duration: 4 Hours
National Highway: Yamuna Expressway

12. Chennai To Munnar

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Another best road trip in India is from Chennai To Munnar. Trust me, if you went to Chennai or if you are from Chennai then, this is the most beautiful and enjoyable road trip till now. This is not just the trip from Chennai to Munnar, it is truly a trip to heaven. How can you forget it? Take a ride once!

Distance: 585 KM
Duration: 10-12 Hours
National Highway: NH38

13. Shillong To Cherrapunji

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The road trip from Shillong to Cherrapunji is also one of the preferable road trips in India. Here you can witness waterfalls, beautiful villages, natural sceneries and many more. The road of this way is smooth and traffic-free that will definitely help you to get an unforgettable experience for the lifetime.

Distance: Approx 60 KM
Duration: 2 Hours
National Highway: SH5

14. Mumbai To Mount Abu

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Staying at a crowded place? Want to escape from your busy schedule? Want to go at a peaceful place to relax your mind and for a better experience? Trawling on the internet for the right place for you? We have got you covered! Well, Mumbaikiarans, now kick off your tension and busy schedule too. Take a ride to Mount Abu via bike or car with your loved ones to spend some precious time there. It is also perfect for solo travelers too. The road from Mumbai to Mount Abu will enable you to get an eye-catching view of the nature. So, don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the beautiful view of nature.

Distance: 760 KM
Duration: 12 Hours
National Highway: NH8 And GJ SH5

15. Banglore To Goa

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For the chilling weekend, take a road trip from Bangalore to Goa. This trip enables you to get a mesmerizing sceneries of nature. The road between this way is very smooth and it is advisable to go there via car because it takes approximately 12 hours to reach there. The road is alluring, peaceful and has a numerous Punjabi Dhabas in between which serves delicious food 24×7. Trust me, this ride is also one of the perfect to get an unforgettable experience for a life.

Distance: 560 KM
Duration: 11-12 Hours
National Highway: NH48

16. Pamban Bridge to Rameshwaram

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Ever imagined driving on a street with endless scopes of water all over you see? Absolutely why Pamban made it to our list! Some of the time, the unbounded sea beneath your feet and the damp breeze in your hair is all the treatment you would like. It makes for an important street trip in India. So, how can you miss this trip? Isn’t it perfect? So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go out for this road trip. Hey, don’t worry! It will not going to burn your bank balance.

Distance: 13 KM
Duration: Only 15-20 Minutes
National Highway: NH87

17. Kolkata To Puri

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The drive between Kolkata and Puri is full of shocks. The green drive and the lovely streets will take off you awed, whereas the pure magnificence of both the travel and the goal will calm your soul. The most perfect way is to go to Kharagpur and walk along to Balasore from there, taken after by Pipli, Cuttack, and Bhadrak. The distance can be covered in approximately 10 hours of travel time. Hit the road before dawn from Kolkata and you’ll reach in time for Puri’s exquisite beach-side dusk and juicy crab fries from neighborhood sellers!

Distance: 500 KM
Duration: 10-11 Hours
National Highway: NH16

18. Ahmedabad To Kutch

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For a short gateway, the trip from Ahmedabad to Kutch is also one of the best road trips in India. Experience a white beauty of Rann of Kutch and culture of the city during this trip. But, before going there, it is advisable to start your journey early and complete it before the sunset because some roads of this is still a little bit risky. So, travel with safety and have a happy traveling!

Distance: 400 KM
Duration: 11 Hours
National Highway: NH947

19. Kolkata to Digha

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Any Kolkatan will swear by this road travel, claiming that they have taken it at the slightest 4 times in their lifetime. Why? The road is fundamental and satisfying, incredible for revving up your vehicles, lined with green patches all through. Digha is the famous and favorite weekend trip for many people of East Indians. Walk along the shoreline or ride a horse within the shallow waters, two days here will take your intellect off things and let you relax.

Distance: 185 KM
Duration: 7-8 Hours
National Highway: NH16

20. Jaipur To Jaisalmer

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A trip to a golden city is also from the list of best road trips in India. It is known by the name of Golden city because there are golden dunes and castles clades In golden honey sandstones. On the other hand, Jaisalmer is the city which is adorned with the lakes, temples and many more. So, what do you think? Is it a good place or not? If it is then what are you waiting for? Get your backpack and a key of your car, start it and have a trip to this beautiful place for a great experience. Happy traveling!

Distance: 560 KM
Duration: 10 Hours
National Highway: NH11

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