Top 10 Best places to visit in February

February is the month where you can pack your bags and head out to some of the best places India has to offer. It is the most pleasant month filled with various experiences you will encounter at different cities and towns in the country. To full enjoy the spring season, here are the best places to visit in this month.

1. Coorg

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Known as ‘The Scotland of India’, Coorg offers scenic beauty along with mesmerizing greenery. Located in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, the weather has a cozy and pleasant touch to it making it the place with the best temperature throughout the year. Cardamom and coffee plantations are in abundance here providing a delightful green landscape all around. It is a perfect weekend getaway to relax and enjoy the most perfect place to visit in India during the month of February.

2. Himachal Pradesh(Bir Billing)- Paragliding

Bir billing paragliding
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The village of Bir is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and Bir Billing offers amazing adventure sports such as paragliding , treks and many other activities. This place is considered the best place in the world for paragliding and hosts the Annual World Paragliding Championship. Various options for paragliding are available ranging from tandem to solo, one can definitely enjoy the cold weather and scenery it offers.

3. The World Sacred Spirit Festival- Jodhpur

World sacred spirit festival
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This famous festival in Jodhpur, organised in the well-known Mehrangarh Fort’s Zenana Deodi courtyard, is a visual treat to the eyes. It is one of the most beautiful music festivals, prominently filled with Sufi music, folks, various musical styles and Sufi celebrations. Local talented musicians and international music create a magical and an amazing musical journey. The best way to enjoy this opportunity it book your tickets well in advance, to not miss a chance of enjoying this soulful experience.

4. Kochi- Biennale Festival

Biennale festival
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The largest contemporary art festival of Asia, called the Biennale Festival, is an initiative of the Government of Kerala. It is popularly called as the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, wherein many Indian and international artists display their talents in the fields of art, music, films, and many more. February is the best month to visit Kochi, especially for this festival alone.

5. Desert Festival- Jaisalmer

Desert festival Jaisalmer
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The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is an annual festival that takes place during the month of February in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Known as the Golden city due to its Yellowstone architecture, Jaisalmer hosts this beautiful enticing festival which celebrates the cultures of Rajasthan. The festival features camel rides, folk concert, and many more interesting activities make this festival a grand and alluring experience. A visit to this place should definitely be on your next trip list.

6. Gulmarg

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Snow-capped mountains and a cold chilly weather during the month of February is the perfect combination one could ask for. The best location for skiing, Gulmarg offers a beautiful scenic view of valleys and hills. With not much crows, this place is perfect for a quiet and peaceful vacation with nature. Mark your calendar for a must visit to this eye-capturing destination.

7. Agra- Taj Mahotsav

Taj Mahotsav
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Agra is the most popular destination for vacation all round the year. Famous monuments like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort describe the royalty of this beautiful city. The Taj Mahotsav, or the Taj Festival, is an annual festival adorned with cultural festivities held at the Silpagram near Taj Mahal. The festival begins with a road procession of decorated elephants and camels and musicians , folk dancers and others. This 10 day celebration features a variety of song and dance performances.

Entry fees- Rs.50 (free for children under the age of 5 and for foreign tourists)

8. Gujarat- Rann Utsav

Rann utsav
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Kutch is one of the biggest salt deserts in India. This White desert of India is the best place to visit in the month of February to explore the Rann of Kutch. Huge and wide stretches of white sand, coupled with the famous Rann Utsav is a treat to one’s eyesight. It features traditional programmes, functions, mesmerizing sightseeing and delicious local food. The month of February has the best weather to enjoy this festival.

9. Allahabad- The Prayag Kumbh Mela

Kumbh mela
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The largest city in Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad is home to one of the biggest and most popular Hindu gathering. Also known as the ‘Magh Mela’, this annual fair has been held in Allahabad since ancient times. People from all sections of life, ranging from pilgrimages to teachers, can be seen attending this fair.  The main ritual practiced in this gathering is the ritual bath, wherein people line up to take a dip in the holy waters with a belief of washing away their sins. This breathtaking place should definitely be on your list of vacations.


10. Goa- Goa Carnival

Goa carnival
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Goa has always been popular for its amazing beaches and entertaining music and dance festivities throughout the year. February is the best month to visit this beautiful place to enjoy the most here. Goa carnival takes place in this month and is the largest in India. This starts with a parade filled with decorated bullock carts, horse-drawn carriages, among many. The festival features dancing troupes, masked people in costumes, dance, live music, various competitions. This carnival is definitely a place to let loose and enjoy the colorful events and experience some fun moments with your friends and family.

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